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Geoffrey Gould


Circle Talent Associates


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    Physical Characteristics:

    Gender: Male
    Height: 5' 7"
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Bust/Chest: 33"
    Waist: 34"
    Hips: 34"
    Body Type(s): Average,  Slim
    Portrayable Age: 45 years - 59 years
    Portrayable Ethnicities: British,  Caucasian/White,  Scottish
    Disability Information:


    Immersive Theater
    The Tension Experience: Ascension Supporting Darren Lynn Bousman, director, co-writer
    Everything Lead Principal Parallax; Jeffery Williams, director
    The Pride of Strathmoor Lead Principal Einar Baldvin, director, writer, animator
    Consumpion Supporting Principal Iodine Sky Productions; Brandon Scullion, director
    The Practice Day Player Principal David E. Kelley Productions; Leslie Libman director
    A-List Family "Gym" Supporting Principal AT&T; Chris Hooper, director
    Pet Crazy Principal Pedigree for 2009 Super Bowl; Ole Kristian Krogstad and Patrick von Krusenstjerna, directors
    Mooch Lead Principal Spec commercial; Adam Goldstein, director
    Be Careful What You Wish For Lead Principal Amazon Theatre [], Henrik Sundgren [ACME], director
    Stadium Supporting Principal Halls; Jeffrey Gorman, director
    Botulism! Supporting Principal Game Show Network; Roman Coppola, director
    Line-Up Supporting Principal AmeriTech cellular
    Heaven & Hell Supporting Principal Cardinal Beer
    Stray dog Supporting Principal Volvo
    Demo Reel
    Geoffrey Gould official site
    Actor Bio
    Habitually early for shoots, interviews and auditions, Geoffrey feels it's better to be an hour early than a minute late.
    An east coast transplant, Geoffrey Gould grew up on the stage in northern NJ; since moving to California much of his principal work has been commercials (including but not limited to the voted high-ranking 2009 Pedigree Superbowl spot as an ostrich-chased mailman), and scores of student films, and a Day Player gig for "The Practice" where he worked opposite Sharon Stone.
    Geoffrey worked every performance of the highly well-received Darren Lynn Bousman immersive theater "The Tension Experience: Ascension" production.
    Geoffrey solo-voiced the 2015 Slamdance Jury Award-winning Best Animated film "The Pride of Strathmoor."
    Geoffrey played Patrick, an integral supporting role in Brandon Scullion's horror film "Consumption" (now on DVD), Geoffrey played the lead in the dark fantasy 2017 feature "Everything." Geoffrey feels the story is the star, and takes direction so that the director and producers' vision is what's on the screen.
    Geoffrey is also a comedy writer, his well-received sketch-like short film scripts workshopped with group.

    Skills and Training:

    Special Skills
    Animal Handler, Bowler, Horseback Rider, Skier-Snow, Swimmer
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