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Cliff Gravell


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Agency Contact Type Location
Mitchell and Presley Talent Group 505-262-9733 Agency-CO Verbal New Mexico

Physical Characteristics:

Gender: Male
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: White
Eyes: Brown
Body Type(s): Average,  Muscular
Portrayable Age: 50 years - 75 years
Portrayable Ethnicities: Caucasian/White
Disability Information:


Bathing Mr. Johnson Star Duck! Productions
Hero's Journey Star Five Oh Five Productions
Our Lady Of Bud's Star Digifest Southwest
Mistaken Identity Co-Star Real To Reel Productions
Lucky Break Co-Star Key Vision Media
Sir Asheron's Party Principal FOFVA Productions
Walls Principal Fawesome Productions
Who Murdered This Movie Principal CNM Films
All In A Day's Work Principal Enchante Productions
Hazards of Harriett Principal Canned Karma Productions
Appaloosa Principal Ed Harris, Director
The Deception Principal Fireborn Films
Gnome Quest Principal Five Oh Five Productions
Incredible Voyage of Captain Hook Principal Cuphalffull Productions
Case of Missing Mask Principal Five Oh Five Productions
On the Border Principal Halflife Productions
After School Principal Key Vision Media
Mad Songs of Fernanda Principal Jonh Gianvito, Director
East Meets West Principal K. Okamoto, Director
Cultivating Good Attitudes Video Star Miller Motivationals
4 Medical Training Videos Co-Star UNM Med School
Good Day New Mexico Principal NBC Series
Midnight Surfer Video Game Principal Intermagic Video Games
Crime Patrol Video Game Principal American Video Games
Revenge On The Highway Principal NBC MOW
Doritos-Funeral Principal Five Oh Five Productions
Over 100 roles Shakespeare to slapstick See
Gunfighter Shows Numerous/Various NM Gunfighter Assoc.
Over 500 improvs Simulated Patient Cases Various Med. Schools
Over 300 portrayals Mystery Shopper Various Situations
Several Juror Various Mock Trials
Voice Over
Numerous character roles mp3 CD demo available See Voice Over Resume
Kady Bow Music Video Featured Pool Trick Shot Creative Juices Productions
Toilet Paper Webisode Principal Cinderella SW Productions
Friends of Film Promo Principal FOFVA Productions
Duet Webisode Principal Tinkstone Productions
Waiting Room Webisode Principal Under The Wire Productions
Public Speaking Numerous topics and venues See
Reel at:
Extensive info including writing credits
Actor Bio
AKA: Cliff Gravel. Location: Albuquerque, NM. Affiliations: Simulated Patient Association, Mensa, International Speakers Association, New Mexico SAG/AFTRA Board of Directors. Available for speaking engagements. Ordained Minister. More info at: Internet Movie, Represented by Mitchell & Prestley Talent Group, 505 262-9733, Carissa Mitchell, Have passport/can travel.

Skills and Training:

Special Skills
Actor, Archer, Baseball Player, Billiard Player, Boxer, Carpenter, Fisherman, Horseback Rider, Improv, Marksman (Rifles & Pistols), Medical Personnel, Mime, Model, Stage Combat, Swimmer
Other Skills
Location: Albuquerque, Mensa, Character voices, Natural NJ accent, Speak some French,, Mock juror, Mystery shopper, Standardized Patient, Novice equestrian, , Body scars, NudityOK, Horseshoes, Billiard tricks w/prep,, Psychic readings, Public speaking, Science/Medical jargon, Medical training,, Stickshift, Single action shooter, Slingshot, Military training, Ordained Minister.
Professional Training/Education
Safety On The Set, SAG Livestream Panel Seminar
Becoming an Actor-Writer, Barri Evins
Filmmaking Bootcamp, Digital Filmmaking Institute
Using Actor's Access-Breakdown Services Seminar-Gary Marsh
Advanced Acting Workshop, Redford/Milagro-Benedetti
Cold Reading Process, SAG Foundation
Camera technique Workshop, SAG Foundation
Performance Capture Seminar, SAG Foundation
Background Acting Seminar, SAG Foundation
Television Acting Seminar, SAG Foundation
Commercial Acting Seminar, SAG Foundation
Voice Master Class, SAG Foundations Workshop, Roger Love.
Business of Acting, SAG Conservatory, Bill Daily
TV Series Acting, Seminar, Michael Gross
TV Casting, SAG Foundations Seminar
Camera Acting, SAG Conservatory, Lev Mailer
Working Actor, SAG Foundations Seminar
Casting Director, SAG Foundations Seminar.
TV Commercial Acting, Workshop, Douglas Stewart
Acting In TV Commercials, Workshop, Harry Hamburg
Professional Screen Acting, SAG Conservatory, Ruben Moreno
Acting the Hollywood Way, Workshop, Katy Wallin, Kenna Dean
Advanced Acting, Course, Vic Izay
Dramatic Improv, Workshop, Susan Katz
Film Acting, SAG Conservatory, Mary Simons
Film and TV Acting, Course, Ellen Blake
Improv Acting, Workshop, Actors For Social Awareness
Comic Improv, Workshop, Shelley Epstein
Making Strong Acting Choices, Workshop, Julie Ackers
Psychodrama Acting, Workshop, Cynthia Goldblatt
Gun Handling and Safety, Workshop, NM Gunfighters Association
Armed/Unarmed Combat, Seminars, Tim Pinnow
Acting As an Extra, Seminar, Teresa Neptune
Character Voices and Dialects, Course, John Dollar
Dialects, Seminar, Patricia Romanov
Character Voices, Workshop, Osa Danum
Acting In Soaps, Workshop, Gail Comacho
Acting In Erotic Films, Seminar, Gloria Leonard
Erotic Film Acting, Seminar, Will Jarvis
Simulated Patient Portrayal, Workshops, UNM
Public Speaking, Course, Dale Carnegie Systems
Speech Power, Course, Mario Pei
Psychic Reading, Workshops, New Age Connection
Psychic Reading Techniques, Course, Alice Kann
B.S., Science Teaching, UNM
M. A. Film/Theater/Humanities, California State U.
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